hustling is not your super power.

Use the power & potential of business operations as a catalyst for better growth.

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work with a fractional COO to sustain your business

Katie Taylor is an empathetic & curious led operations specialist. She helps you detect the needs of your organization based on your existing infrastructure and goals. She provides hybrid or remote COO services to guarantee that budget limitations won't stand between you & the necessary support that keeps your business thriving.

Delivering creativity, insight, and wisdom to calm the chaos and swap out futile hustle for highly effective help, her fractional COO services eliminate the risk of an expensive full-time employee as well as the stress behind a successful hiring process.

Retainer Services

Outsource your operations in order to blast past your capacity ceiling while taking advantage of contractor-style benefits, the COO value, & positive impacts of integrated leadership.

Hands-on, experienced operational support for the never ending work that comes with a growing, in demand organization determined by your budget and priorities. Backed by our no-risk guarantee!

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Advisory Sessions

Not yet ready to outsource but eager for essential support to relieve the overwhelm of overseeing all operational aspects?

Advisory sessions provide ease and accountability to reduce ineffective hustle and calm the chaos of managing a growing business while still delivering the exceptional customer experience you've become known for.

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Jumpstart Program

The First-Time CEO Jumpstart Program is your 90 day blueprint to CEO status. 

Intended for founders who have grown a business from their own expertise and are needing to pull away from the day to day management and execution in order to carry the vision forward and create ongoing opportunities for their team to continue doing meaningful work in their industry.

This is a great option if you know you're ready for help but need some support preparing for our retainer services. 

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a message from our founder

Katie Taylor, Certified Trauma Informed Entrepreneur & Owner

Every business has an operational mainframe. You might think of it as your organization's nervous system, responsible for helping to deliver important details that inform how your business functions.

It's known for playing a role in almost every aspect of your business's well-being, guiding the daily practices you don't give much thought to and supporting the more complex processes. It's also a ready responder in times of change and an ongoing facilitator of communication between all the parts.

As a human-centered business leader there isn't much I do that doesn't involve looking to your business operations as the gateway to understanding your successes, potential, and current areas of difficulty. It would be my privilege to support your business operations as a means to better growth.

more about the outsourced coo

impact that supports Everyone as it's meant to.


Innovation, compounding cost savings, qualitative results, customer centricity, and a people-first leadership approach to your daily operations.

the intention of the outsourced coo

"Balance suggests a perfect equilibrium. There is no such thing. That is a false expectation…”

Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup

the demands on ceos & leaders today

The CEO capacity dilemma is a problem that generates over $9.3 billion in value for the global executive coaching market alone (Future Market Insights 2023). There are no shortage of stressors for today's organization leaders including ongoing mental health issues in the workplace, inability to reach target audiences, and the rapidly changing market trends (according to one Forbes article, Jan 2023).

tending to where your time goes


is the amount of time reported to be spent making decisions, although 61% believe that less than half of those decisions are effective.

When you're carrying too much your decision quality suffers the consequences.


of time is spent reacting to unfolding issues.

Embracing this part of your role is healthier than resenting others for needing you.


of workers believe inefficient processes are negatively impacting their job.

Progress without proper support neglects others' needs.


the productivity boost seen corresponding to an increase in employee engagement (i.e. earning back an entire day's worth of work from each team member).

Your team will always be one of the greatest factors in your ability to succeed.


cost savings created through automation and other standard operating procedures to meet the needs of your organization.

More effort or action is not always necessary when creating big opportunities.

partnering with the outsourced coo is a valuable investment for you and your business. you'll have more of the time you need for what matters most to your organization. 


Statistic Sources: what is decision making, workflow
 automation statistics;; how ceos manage time

  • Dynamic focus on strategic decision-making that results in less missed opportunities, fewer resources wasted, and less business lost to competitors.
  • A satisfied and expert-level team with lower turnover, greater working morale, and a stronger overall performance.
  • Confident financial management with the ability to routinely review, reflect, and proactively plan.
  • Avoiding a compromised mental bandwidth for handling the ongoing and unexpected events that surround your company's well-being.
  • A strong and rivaled brand reputation that is crucial for building trust with customers, employees, and the other stakeholders your organization relies on for continued growth.

"I can't say enough about the positive impact Katie has had on our business."

amanda | franchise founder & ceo

Customize Your Outsourced COO

Avoidance and overwhelm are two of the most consistent signs of needing expanded support.  Both recognized as early indicators of a costly burnout. Many CEOs acknowledge they're not in the position to comfortably hire a full-time Director of Operations.

The Outsourced COO is all the perks, without the expensive or high-risk hiring hassle. A role uniquely designed to fit right in with your priorities, budget, & possibilities right now.

the outsourced coo attributions to your business include:

Have an executor to manage daily operations and strategies to relieve your overextended CEO or other executive leaders.

Apply strategic focus to organizational shifts and optimization efforts toward productivity, output, and performance.

Dedication to your business with easy options for increasing or decreasing hours until services are no longer required.

Provide a complimentary leadership style that is empathetic, collaborative, influential, and valuable to your team(s).

Access to diverse experience and knowledge to create new ideas, data-driven solutions, and expand growth opportunities.

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Up to 48% of leading companies have a COO

Benefits of a COO include strategic expansion & employee empowerment

COOs are key players in boosting organizational resilience

53% of COOs say agility is very important for growth

Source: McKinsey & Company;  PWC

How to Outsource Your COO

1: Develop Your COO

Wherever you are in your leadership expansion process we begin by creating a clear outline of the roles & responsibilities you're looking for within your COO.

2: Make The Hire

An onboarding period will start as we acclimate together and begin enacting the necessary transition of responsibilities tying up your team.

3: Advance Your Impact

High-touch support, focus, and engagement are all part of my active role in our collaborative effort to actualize your company's greatest goals & vision.

the outsourced coo guarantee:

No risk, endless potential. All new clients receive a no-obligation onboarding period to ensure a great fit for everyone before entering into an active contract.

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what you get as a client

Why Our Approach Works

Free consultation & Recommendations report

We rely on an expertly designed, research-proven process ready to help you make a no-pressure decision about the current needs your organization is facing. It's fast, accurate, and delivers the information & clarity you're looking for.

no risk, guaranteed

All clients start with a 30 day no-obligation onboarding period. If for any reason you decide it's not a good fit you can cancel and only pay for the hours of work received. When we say no long-term contracts or extra fees, we mean it.

integrative 360 business assessment

We provide the option for an additional in-depth 360 assessment so that you can easily transition into our partnership together with a clear plan in place for supporting your priorities right from the start. No more feeling stuck.

private management software

Who wants more emails in their inbox? No one! That's why we support your company with a private project management software to stay organized and on track with less emails and meetings for everyone along the way.

routine assessments

Part of our concierge expertise service is knowing what to look for along the way and then sharing that data with your organization so there's no secrets in how this investment is working on your behalf at all times.

easily adjust your hours

Unlike with a permanent employee hire or long-term contractor, you have the flexibility to support the ebb and flow of your organization with unbeatable cost diligence and ultimate ROI possibility by only paying for the time you need each quarter.

customized coo support 

We get it when we say no two businesses are alike. Which is why every step of our process ensures we only partner with clients who will truly benefit from our services and we limit the number of clients at one time so that you're always receiving the dedicated attention and effort you deserve and are paying for.

Your Key Benefits to an Outsourced COO

save time & money

By allocating your budget to areas most needing an expanded support system you remain solutions-focused for specific short and long term operational objectives instead of a traditional hiring, recruiting, training & management of a full-time new employee(s).

adaptable & resourceful

Your outsourced COO's responsibilities are identified and implemented in direct relation to the needs, strengths, and requirements of the CEO. Creating a great partnership with your COO is equally invaluable to the roles and relationships inside your organization.

communication & coordination

Every business leader knows that employee wellness directly translates into customer satisfaction and company reputation. The Outsourced COO is dedicated to improving processes, delivering resources, and highlighting the talents and accomplishments of others to strengthen a unified and engaged team environment.

leading the way for you so you can continue leading the way for your customers

The best option to ensure entrepreneurs & their people have the support they deserve.

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