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For CEOs, Founders & Others Who are Tasked With the Many Daily Details of Business.

Instead of more hustle, let's get you more help.

The Outsourced COO was founded to deliver the necessary support that businesses deserve so they can continue leading the way for their customers.

The relief you need from the overwhelm of trying to do too much with too little of the right kind of help. Our service structure eliminates budget limitations and keeps you growing forward.


NEW!! Bring your questions, frustrations, or goals to private 1:1 sessions and receive personalized guidance, ideas, and support. The approach is both collaborative + curious working together to help you clarify, plan, and prioritize taking action toward whatever matters most for your growth and success. Options to develop and guide solopreneurs, leaders, and other individuals who are part of your organization.

What if you could hand off non-essential tasks and responsibilities giving yourself time to do more of your most important work with less strain and stress? Well, you can! All the perks of expanding your leadership team without a high-risk or expensive hiring process. Outsourcing that meets your needs & budget makes your priorities and opportunities possible right now.

Prefer to block off 90 minutes, a half, or even one full day of your time in order to reflect, focus, and plan? Power Sessions are strategic intensives designed to help you find real solutions using evidence-based and researched proven effective methods so that you are back to your business sooner and ready to initiate new ideas and opportunities that make business life better.

The Outsourced COO offers both in-house program options for people leadership and operational excellence and also offer the option to partner up with other industry leaders to deliver the right training & education to more people who are making a difference in their businesses, careers, and causes. Think we might make a great team? Let's chat further to find out!







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"I can't say enough about the positive impact Katie has had on our business."

amanda | franchise founder & ceo

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why choose the outsourced coo?

Save time & money while finding ways to increase sales, reduce costs, attract and serve more customers, and eliminate inefficiencies all while working smart and simple with less effort.

Recalibrate your role to a sustainable level of responsibility, prioritize expertise related work keeping you connected to your passion and purpose, with the ability to focus on how you'll bring your greatest visions to life.

Doing what makes sense proactively with a clear sense of direction, removing bottlenecks, empowering autonomy amongst your teams and departments with more fun and fulfillment for everyone.

See your efforts at work with profit improvement, process quality & consistency, pursue exciting opportunities, and enjoy the possibilities that come with more financial stability.




Bottom Line


Katie Taylor, Your New COO (Chief Operating Officer)

I've been in various org leadership & operational roles for 15+ years and it's become the consistent lens that I use to see the world all around me, including your business.

I specialize in a people-centered leadership approach to business operations because they are the keystone of sustainability. A business thrives when it's people thrive.

I assure you that ideas and advice are easy to come by while successfully integrating support & solutions is a long game that continues while business carries on. My approach focuses not just on efficiency but curiosity and understanding-creating spaces where both businesses and individuals can thrive. 

My job is to help CEOs & founders effectively pull away from the day to day management and execution in order to carry their vision forward and create ongoing opportunities for their team to continue doing meaningful work.

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You'll receive a people-centered leadership approach to business operations that's perfect for those first few years, your next $2mil, and everything in between.

business & Brand strategy

marketing & visibility

campaigns & communication

finance, sales & revenue

hiring, training & team oversight

customer experience

to meet your priorities, budget, & possibilities.

The Need for Development

Sustain, Maintain & Streamline

Improvement Opportunities

Visual branding, mission & values, growth plans & initiatives, understanding your data, target audience, customer personas

Social accounts, brand messaging, website, newsletter, lead generation, networking, community engagement

Digital assets, visuals and graphics, internal systems, software & tech, strategic planning, meetings, collaboration

Financial check-ins & reporting, data-driven decision making, expense management, customer buying journey & conversion oversight

Hiring objectives, onboarding, continued support, talent & retention, employee development, operational excellence and innovation

Attract new business, create or increase customer loyalty, build engagement, spend frequency, word of mouth & referral ecosystem

Statistic Sources:,, 

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72% of employees believe that inefficient processes are negatively affecting their job.

Data shows that businesses who take time to stabilize within will waste less money with cost savings up to 40% through automation and standard processes.

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40-70% of CEO time is spent making decisions.

With fewer than 40% believing that even half of those decisions are effective. Harvard professor and researcher, Michael Porter, shared in one study "we found that, indeed, time is the scarcest resource for CEOs." 

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Employee engagement can create a 20%+ boost to overall productivity.

Your team will always be one of the greatest factors in your ability to succeed. More effort or action is not always needed to create big opportunities. Building the right environment for your team can produce value that is equal to earning an entire extra day of work from your team each and every week!

decision fatigue and overwhelm are two consistent symptoms of early burnout.

Other signs you might be ready to expand your leadership team with COO service & expertise:

What you can expect with the added support of COO leadership:

the outsourced coo guarantee:

No risk, endless potential. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime. 

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Your big ideas have nowhere to go because you're too busy working to maintain the daily business details.

You feel stuck, stressed, and are noticing resentment toward your employees and customers for needing you all the time.

You're a go-getter and need someone to compliment your enthusiasm and passion with structure and purpose that gets your entire team aligned and on board.

details are getting overlooked and new opportunities are being missed.

Other signs your business is ready to grow and might benefit from COO service & expertise:

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Your processes evolve in real time but there's no way for others to see what they are or check standards and expectations.

Customers may be making requests that feel beyond reasonable but you don't want to push away business.

There's an ongoing hope that the to-do list will eventually be caught up, but so far, no luck. Something new always seems to pop up when you least expect it.

is this your next step?
how to know:

hiring more help feels risky. meanwhile your team is doing the best they can.

Other signs your team will improve when you expand your leadership team with COO service & expertise:

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Your onboarding or training processes for employees is outdated or non-existent. 

You have to step in directly to facilitate meetings, train new employees, and resolve customer issues.

Whenever you have the chance to delegate you're worried the tasks won't be done properly and you find yourself double checking, redoing, or just holding on to the work yourself to make things easier.

Clarity and direction for your big ideas with time to take action.

Empowering others so you're free to lead and create more opportunities.

What you can expect with the added support of COO leadership:

the outsourced coo guarantee:

No risk, endless potential. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime. 

Standard operating procedures that help to improve internal communication and processes, making everyone's job easier.

Stronger customer support and satisfaction.

What you can expect with the added support of COO leadership:

the outsourced coo guarantee:

No risk, endless potential. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime. 

A cared-for work environment where your employees feel supported, valued, and equipped to do their jobs well.

Proper structure and processes that make hiring, promoting, and new opportunities possible.

time freedom

improved wellbeing

better processes

transform vision to action

happy customers

brand reputation

team talent & skills

cohesion & unity

less effort, more reward

organized & effective

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