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Outsource your operations in order to blast past your capacity ceiling while taking advantage of contractor-style benefits, the COO value, & positive impacts of integrated leadership.

Hands-on, experienced operational support for the never ending work that comes with a growing, in demand organization. What's even better? You won't find any long term contract requirements or high-priced packages that force you to pay for things you don't truly need.

startups, industry leaders, non-profits & growing organizations...
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  • CEOs torn between what they want to do, and current must-do workload.
  • Businesses who have pivoted or grown in the last 2 years.
  • Leaders seeking growth with less obstacles, time, and expense waste.
  • Teams who value people as much as the work itself.

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Can you imagine having just one appointment with your doctor, therapist, or favorite yoga studio? It's hard to benefit. The same applies to your business, yet coaching rates can make effective support beyond reach. Advisory sessions aim to eliminate the financial barrier to supporting your success.

Pick a start date, choose your frequency, and receive essential help all through the lens of a Certified Trauma Informed Entrepreneur. 

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  • CEOs, founders, and other professional leaders who want to avoid or relieve the overwhelm of managing company growth, maintaining a healthy team culture, consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience and care about building a sustainable brand.

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Meet The Outsourced COO

Katie Taylor is a former non-profit 5k director underneath the largest international 5k series turned online entrepreneur who, since 2018, has supported small businesses across the country with all things business development & brand building.

What she's found consistent over the last 14 years with each experience and audience is the value of clarity, execution, interpersonal wellness, and understanding of the unique impact behind each initiative in order to drive the highest & most influential outcomes.

Self described to be analytically minded, data led, and emotionally driven as a natural collaborator for the greater good of any vision.

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impact that supports Everyone as it's meant to.

Innovation, compounding cost savings, qualitative results, customer centricity, and a people-first leadership approach to your daily operations.

Customize Your Outsourced COO

Avoidance and overwhelm are two of the most consistent signs of needing expanded support.  Both recognized as early indicators of a costly burnout. Many CEOs acknowledge they're not in the position to comfortably hire a full-time Director of Operations.

The Outsourced COO is all the perks, without the expensive or high-risk hiring hassle. A role uniquely designed to fit right in with your priorities, budget, & possibilities right now.

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Have an executor to manage daily operations and strategies to relieve your overextended CEO or other executive leaders.

Apply strategic focus to organizational shifts and optimization efforts toward productivity, output, and performance.

Dedication to your business with easy options for increasing or decreasing hours until services are no longer required.

Access to diverse experience and knowledge to create new ideas, data-driven solutions, and expand growth opportunities.

Provide a complimentary leadership style that is empathetic, collaborative, influential, and valuable to your team(s).

the outsourced coo attributions to your business include:

"I can't say enough about the positive impact Katie has had on our business."

amanda | franchise founder & ceo

Up to 48% of leading companies have a COO

Benefits of a COO include strategic expansion & employee empowerment

COOs are key players in boosting organizational resilience

53% of COOs say agility is very important for growth

Source: McKinsey & Company;  PWC

How to Outsource Your COO

1: Develop Your COO

Wherever you are in your leadership expansion process we begin by creating a clear outline of the roles & responsibilities you're looking for within your COO.

2: Make The Hire

An onboarding period will start as we acclimate together and begin enacting the necessary transition of responsibilities tying up your team.

3: Advance Your Impact

High-touch support, focus, and engagement are all part of my active role in our collaborative effort to actualize your company's greatest goals & vision.

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the outsourced coo guarantee:

No risk, endless potential. All new clients receive a no-obligation onboarding period to ensure a great fit for everyone before initiating an active contract.

Your Key Benefits to an Outsourced COO

By allocating your budget to areas most needing an expanded support system you remain solutions-focused for specific short and long term operational objectives instead of a traditional hiring, recruiting, training & management of a full-time new employee(s).

Your outsourced COO's responsibilities are identified and implemented in direct relation to the needs, strengths, and requirements of the CEO. Creating a great partnership with your COO is equally invaluable to the roles and relationships inside your organization.

Every business leader knows that employee wellness directly translates into customer satisfaction and company reputation. The Outsourced COO is dedicated to improving processes, delivering resources, and highlighting the talents and accomplishments of others to strengthen a unified and engaged team environment.

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Outsource your ops

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Outsource Your Operations

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Hand over your operational headaches and free up your time & talents to focus on what most matters to your growing organization.

Retainer services support your priorities, budget, and possibilities right from the start! 

Not yet ready to outsource but eager for essential support to relieve the overwhelm of overseeing all operational aspects?

Advisory sessions provide ease and accountability to reduce ineffective hustle.

leading the way for you so you can continue leading the way for your customers

The best option to ensure entrepreneurs & their people have the support they deserve.

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