Small businesses, entrepreneurs, community builders, modern leaders, and organizations hire Katie for her ability to embrace the humanity of business and deliver the necessary support. 

Blending 15 years of education, organizational leadership, & development experience to create a deeply supportive space for those she works with and for.

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- christina, real estate

Katie is someone you want in your court. She asks the best questions, listens so well and is one of the most amazing cheerleaders I've ever met. I love working with her.

- rachel, business coach

The path Katie creates for people to move into her world and what it means to be in her world is empowering.

- kara + nicole, responsible fashion

Katie is professional, equipped, and supportive. She wants you to succeed and she has the skills to help you do so.

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the job description

To strengthen your organization's greatest potential by creating simple and effective leadership and operation solutions that deeply support everyone who makes your business possible at all levels.

  • Increase Direction and Vision with Follow-Through and Plans
  • Facilitate Employee Engagement and Communication
  • Increase Trust, Collaboration & Fulfillment in the Workplace
  • Optimize Workflows, Processes, and Systems
  • Make Complex Ideas Easy to Understand and Implement
  • Oversee Clear Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations
  • Provide Feedback, Opportunities, and Accountability
  • Develop and Maintain Consistency and Excellence in Customer Care
  • Identify and Help Resolve Business Inefficiencies 


1 Finding ways to celebrate, often.
2 Removing the expectation of 'should' and opting instead for curiosity.
3 Choosing active listening, collaboration, and questions instead of authoritative leadership and "I know best" advice-giving.
4 Building spaces where trust, connection, and safety can develop.
5 Remaining open to new ways of thinking and inviting others to do the same.


Perspective, Thinking, Strategy, Empathy, Guide, Problem Solver, Creative


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My role will vary based on your priorities for partnering with The Outsourced COO. Scheduling a consultation is the best way to discuss further details.


Hi, I'm Katie Taylor (she/her), the founder and CEO of The Outsourced COO.

I started early in my career as 5K Event Director for a Non-Profit striving to allow for all girls to unlock their limitless potential. The role oversaw logistics for 5000+ attendees, 400 volunteers, and many successful relationships with city departments and businesses. Later, in 2018, I launched her own marketing, brand, and website design firm serving local and global clients and was named Booked Out Designer case study winner.

Since then I've remained committed to studying, analyzing, and making sense of the modern and evolving business space to understand who is succeeding and why, as well as gathering core principles that have the most positive impact on business sustainability. In 2023 I turned my focus & experience specifically to the people leadership & operational needs of small business. My clients have been brand new businesses, multi-million dollar corporations, family-owned, franchised, and more.

This precise scope of business operations and leadership experience has further equipped me to understand and successfully serve in a supportive COO role for various types and sizes of businesses, collaborating at the top and ensuring support to employees in all roles.

  • 10+ Years Non-Profit
  • 15+ Years Org Leadership
  • 5+ Years Small Business Owner
  • Trauma Informed Entrepreneur Certified
  • Facilitator & People Leader (Cultivate by Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S)
  • Director of Operations, Board Chair
  • Awareness to Action Enneagram 
  • Young Professional of the Year '23
  • Little Miami River Chamber Alliance Member & Event Committee Member
  • 3x Power to Pursue Sponsor


why it works

I practice the highest standard of human-centered leadership to support you, the business, and your employees.

When Jon Clifton, CEO of Gallup was asked what leaders today can do to potentially save the world his response was "change the way your people are managed".

Being trauma-informed certified provides me with the greatest understanding of what people need to thrive at work. It's like a toolkit that tells me how we can create a place where your employees are enabled to do their best work and customers are happy spending their time and money. Applying this framework and other strengths-based approaches like the Awareness to Action Enneagram to the daily details and operations offers better well-being, eases the workload, reduces friction, increases capacity, and builds stronger relationships within the walls of your organization.

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"Self-alienation is too high a price to pay for the relative privilege of working for yourself."

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-Tara McMullin, Author of What Works

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