Your Fractional COO

kinda like an operational gps for your organization. making sure your plans and goals are aligned and supported as you go.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, community builders, modern leaders, and organizations hire Katie for her ability to embrace the humanity of business and deliver the necessary support. 

Blending 15 years of education, organizational leadership, & development experience to create a deeply supportive space for those she works with and for.

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the (more) official bio

Psychology Major, BCOUN, 10 Years in Non-profit Before Turning Entrepreneur and Committing to a Practice Where People Matter Just as Much as the Work.

Katie Taylor is Founder and CEO of The Outsourced COO, a Certified Trauma Informed Entrepreneur, Business Operations Specialist, and Director of Operations board chair for a youth organization in her community. In her first year owning The Outsourced COO she was recognized as a Young Professional of the Year for her meaningful success, vision, and imprint on local business community.

She started early in her career as 5k Event Director for a Non-Profit striving to allow for all girls to unlock their limitless potential. There she oversaw logistics for more than 5000 attendees, 400 volunteers, and many successful relationships with city departments and businesses. She later launched her own marketing, brand, and website design firm serving local and global clients and was named Booked Out Designer case study winner.

Since 2018 she has spent thousands of hours studying the business space to understand who is succeeding and why, the manipulation tactics used on the majority of business owners and the detrimental impact these gurus leave in their wake, as well as gathering core truths and principles that seem to have the most positive impact on business sustainability. In 2022 she completed a 6 month Trauma Informed Entrepreneur Certification and as of January 2024 is enrolled in a 10-week Trauma Informed Space Holders professional training with Katie Kurtz, MSW LISW-S & Certified Coach.

This precise scope of business operations and leadership experience allows her to understand and successfully serve as COO for various types and sizes of businesses, collaborating at the top and ensuring support to employees in all roles.

"Katie is someone you want in your court. She asks the best questions, listens so well and is one of the most amazing cheerleaders I've ever met. I love working with her."


Real Estate

"The path Katie creates for people to move into her world and what it means to be in her world is empowering."


Business Educator

"Katie is professional, equipped, and supportive. She wants you to succeed and she has the skills to help you do so."

kara + nicole

Responsible Fashion

what does human-centered leadership look like

A Quick Glance at Human-Centered Operations Leadership


Active listening, curiosity, and reflecting back the experience being shared with the intent to understand what others are sharing before moving toward a response or feedback.


Making sure everyone is on the same page about what's happening, why it matters and how it will be done. This may involve identifying disconnects, clarifying problems, articulating the desired outcome, pinpointing existing hurdles or reflecting on past successes for better context.


Looking to support and affirm action-oriented solutions that make sense in micro and macro context for present-time resolutions that will also positively influence future stability.


the not so work related bio

Getting to know Katie

I'm left handed, except for a few things. The ink smudge? Yep, I've got it!

My cutest work-from-home coworkers are my two doodles, Arlo & Rosie. 

Calling the midwest home since before I could tie my shoes, but keeping in touch with a desert-based realtor cause a girl can dream about 365 days of sun.

Most requested task fulfilled... getting just "one more snack" for my kids.

Inspired by Taylor Swift, a creative genius, and Brené Brown for her leadership on the positive effects of courage & empathy.

One of my favorite mantras is "Whenever possible, let it be easy!"

And a quote that inspires me is...

"When you're finished changing. You're finished."

benjamin franklin

unique strengths at work

What I Bring To Your Team

Perspective | Assigns the correct meaning to the complexities and uncertainties encountered every day in business, a gatherer of context, understand who or what is missing, and “read the room” for helpful signals

Empathy | Open minded for new concepts and ideas, great at understanding how others feel and using this sensibility to do good for others, connect to others deeply and appreciate everyone’s differences and particularities, create solutions that allow for all to feel included and valued

Thinker | Digest complex information and ideas, simplify sophisticated concepts, provide deep insights for problem solving, find opportunities to divert from the status quo

Strategy | See the big picture, understand how everything is interconnected, and easily find the best way out of the clutter, naturally able to connect the dots and understand their significance, don’t take paths that lead to nowhere but find clear direction in the most complex situations

Guide | Help others realize and use their potential to experience success, look for ways to facilitate others’ learning, from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments that facilitate progress, empowering others and inspiring them to see things with new light, creating spaces for others to be their most authentic selves

data + details + decisions

Creating the best for you and your people.

1) Data Collection: I've got a knack for casting a wide net with deep tentacles that is extremely effective at bringing together large amounts of the necessary information and various parts in play so we aren’t overlooking important pieces that may have felt insignificant on their own or in previous conversations and decision making.

How will you get where you’re wanting to go if you aren’t clear on where you are at in this moment? Let's say you're planning travel to California. You'd find it helpful to know if you're staying stateside or going international. From the clothes you pack, to the tickets you purchase, necessary budget, and how long you'll be away... it all matters and the trip details look very different respectively.   

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There are a few consistent themes in the feedback friends, colleagues, and clients have shared with me in their experience of our relationship. It most often reflects something like this, 

“Wow! You really understand what I’m trying to say (and I feel way less crazy already).”
“I’ve never thought about it that way and it’s making a lot of sense now.”
“I’m feeling better/calmer/hopeful about myself/my decisions/my situation when you phrase it back to me the way you have.”

2) Chaos Organization: When something in your path or part of your business equation is misunderstood it feels like a burden. But as the purpose and understanding increases so does the feeling of calm. Clients have gotten familiar asking for my help making sense of situations which proves valuable when feelings, people, and decisions are at hand. We’re not changing or judging the facts so much as helping them to be presented and seen with fresh eyes and meaning.

3) Decision Making: I grew up in a “black and white” world in almost every sense. I look for my own truths now and have realized there are things that are certain (like others’ intrinsic value + worth) but most things, like how you decide to run your business, are open to many different options. What matters is that you’re finding ways that work for you. And what works for you is going to be super dependent on who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish, what resources & capacity you hold, and who you have available to help you reach whatever it is you most desire. I’m not looking to be responsible for the decisions you make so much as helping you identify what you need to feel comfortable and confident in whatever those decisions are. 

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