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I met Megan for the first time before ever launching Abundant Collab Co. We crossed paths in a Facebook freelancing group and have stayed connected through Instagram ever since. It’s been so much fun watching our communities overlap one another in a variety of networking and projects.

Most recently, Megan has made the decision to pivot her business in order to better serve clients with her experience and expertise. Anytime there’s a big shift like this, it makes sense to revisit the visual elements of the brand. It’s the perfect time to make those visual changes. And that’s exactly what Megan decided to do.

New Branding As a Podcast Strategist

Once upon a time, Megan was a corporate educator. Now she uses those skills to help female entrepreneurs add a podcast to their business in order to easily share their message and continue growing their business.

Megan provides a range of focused services including a podcast launch package, monthly management packages, individual podcast strategy sessions and now her new podcast launching course.

Crafting Megan’s New Visual Branding

One of the things that stood out to me when chatting with Megan was the difficult time she was having when trying to use the different elements of her existing brand elements.

The elements, while okay on paper, were not translating into the type of visual content Megan ideally wanted to be creating and sharing to places like Instagram.

It was helpful to hear what she liked about her existing branding. As her designer, I challenged her to identify, and put into words, what would her ideal branding look like and represent.

Visualizing how the new brand elements will be used within her digital platforms.

Megan’s Branding Design Goals

Megan’s goals make a lot of sense for where she is in this season of her business. She’s spent several years inside the podcasting industry both learning and maintaining the technical how-to. And she’s worked directly with female entrepreneurs as they launch and maintain their own shows.

Her daughters are reaching school-age giving Megan new opportunities to grow and nourish her own business as she’s helped her clients do time and time again.

1 Add warmth and distinction to her visual branding

2 Update fonts for easier pairing and readability

3 Easy to use, cohesive branding elements

Designing The Visual Brand For Megan

New Primary Logo for Megan King

In the branding questionnaire, I asked Megan a few questions about her favorite drinks, hobbies, ways to spend her free time, and if she could choose a city she thinks best represents her brand.

At the same time, Megan was considering an update to her Instagram handle. Something a little more unique and authentic to her business. Knowing this, and the reasoning, helped fine-tune the design elements for her new brand.

Since she’s a little further south (North Carolina), she liked the idea of leaning into that southern style by changing her IG handle from @megankingservices to @heymeganking. Plus, she lives on lots of acreage and loves riding the property to friends’ houses. Knowing this prevented her visual branding from taking on too much of the wrong style for what Megan was really looking for with her new branding.

Megan’s new branding can be best described as warm, casual, welcoming, boho, effortless, and simple.

In Megan’s own words, she’s best at “Helping people quickly and easily set up a professional sounding podcast that works for their business. No getting stuck in tech overwhelm, no wasting time Googling what to do, no wasting money on expensive equipment, no wondering if you’re good enough, no doubting if podcasting is paying off. They’ll have a podcast they’re proud of that brings in real results.”

Here are a few BTS options for Megan’s Podcast Course. She’s using her final selection on the cover art of her audio course!

Hear What Megan Says About Her New Podcast Strategist Brand Design

How would you describe your experience working together and the service you received?

“It was a wonderful experience! I think you truly heard me in the things I said and didn’t say. I honestly wasn’t sure I gave you enough to work with but you came up with a look that was even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“My new look will give me the confidence to put myself out there more. I think I can finally stop second (and third and fourth!) guessing every graphic I put together and just focus on my message.”

Sometimes the sweetest, happiest messages come right into the DMs!
BEFORE: Megan said she had a hard time incorporating her branding consistently into her Instagram content.
AFTER: I got a message from Megan telling me she had pre-planned two weeks of content for the first time ever as a result of being able to easily plug in her branding elements! WOOHOO!

What was your favorite part about working together?

“My favorite part of working together was how approachable you are. You never made me feel less than for not knowing everything about design or for using the first adjectives that popped up for me when describing something. It made me feel comfortable sharing even more with you instead of only telling you what I thought I needed to say.”

“My new branding feels like me in an effortless way. I absolutely loved working with Abundant Collab Co.! The process was so fun and Katie used her magic to turn my thoughts and ideas into the perfect new look for my brand. I’m in love with my new designs and cannot wait to see how it helps my business grow!”

These seamless patterns were SO MUCH FUN to create for Megan! They have SO many uses and perfectly tie together her unique brand.
Putting everything together in the brand guide always makes the final product feel more real!!

Abundant Collab Co. would love to help you create branding that is perfect for your business. Schedule a no-pressure chat about your project needs.

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