My Go-To Platform for Small Business Website Design. Here’s Why.

Small business website design has changed tremendously over the last ten years.

It’s a GOOD thing.

Website design used to feel so illusive with it’s smorgasbord of coding that only your tech consultant could ever understand. Broken links, outdated service information, or contact forms all required a third party. As a result, website design costs were high, complicated, and design options were limited. That doesn’t feel right.

Thankfully, the small biz community started pushing the envelope and creating new options.

Sometimes, like in this case, change is a very good thing.

Let’s get right into these new options so you can get a better feel for your own website design options!

8 Reasons I Use Showit for Small Business Website Design

1 Custom Design you can’t afford not to utilize

2 No template limitations makes marketing easier

3 No html or coding knowledge needed

4 Easy to maintain with drag & drop design

5 SEO friendly makes your business easier to find

6 Customer Support who are actually available when you need them

7 Mobile-Responsive Design

8 Easy Integrations

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1 Custom Design You Can’t Afford Not to Utilize

I get it, it’s hard to swallow the idea of investing into a website. What I offer as encouragement is a perspective shift that might help you reframe this mentality.

Websites ten years ago were not as integral to a business’s success as they are today.

So it made more sense to make this a smaller investment.

That’s just not the case in 2022.

Consumers are very unlikely to work with your business if they can’t get a good feel for you online beforehand.

The flip side is that they are extremely likely to connect and support your business if they get the information and experience they’re looking for when they arrive to your site.

The short story here is that a good website changes the entire marketing potential for your business and creates tremendous opportunities that you’d never have been able to afford in years past.

2 No Template Limitations Makes Marketing Easier

Just imagine you’re sitting down to coffee with a friend. And you want to tell them about a new clothing company you’ve been using lately. But you’re only allowed to use 3 sentences and 1 picture of your new favorite jeans to do so.

Kind of takes away from the excitement, right?

You want to tell your friend more but it’s just not an option.

That’s what templates can feel like on other design platforms.

You want the freedom to tell them the way you want so that they have the best first impression and you can tell them about the products that they’ll love most, but also about everything you love too.

Control. You want to control the conversation because it’s yours.

Marketing is the same way and Showit lets you design with total control so that your marketing message is presented the way it’s meant to be shared without compromise.

3 No HTML or Coding Necessary

Praise hands!

Do you know HTML?

Maybe you took a coding class in high school?

Ha ha! Either way…

Let’s leave the coding to the Geek Squad and let creatives (like me) take your website design and create something beautiful and strategic that you love and are proud of sharing with anyone who might ask for your website.

Business life is hard enough, let’s not make your website design process harder than it needs to be!

4 Easy To Maintain With Drag & Drop Design

You know how your new Iphone takes like two minutes to set up when you get home from the store?

It’s intuitive user-interface makes it easy, right?

Showit is the same way.

Swapping out text and images is beginner-level-easy.

At the end of each new website design I walk my clients through the basics functions they might need in order to take total control over their website maintenance.

Worth it? I think so.

5 SEO Friendly Makes Your Business Easier to Find

Whether SEO is a priority to your biz or you don’t even know what the letters stand for, it’s no problem with Showit.

Showit makes successful SEO easy for every day business owners like you and me who have no idea how algorithms work. Can you be a small business with a Showit website who doesn’t hire a marketing agency to help you make Page One of Google?

Yep. You sure can.

6 Customer Service Who Are Available When You Need Them

This one’s easy.

Your website designer can answer questions for you and so can Showit Customer Support.

A two-tier “website design and tech” team ready when you need them? That’s a small business dream.

But it’s true. Anytime you login in to your Showit account, there’s a live chat option in the bottom right hand corner. In addition to a crazy well maintained Help Support Doc section there is a real team standing by to answer your questions, troubleshoot tech issues, and whatever else you might need.

Their humor and strong gif game is an added bonus.

As a designer, I love knowing I can reach out to them anytime, free of charge, for help.

7 Mobile Responsive Design

You can assume that more than half of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices.

That means layout, site speed, and SEO are all important to ensure the right people find you when they are looking.

Showit allows you to provide an exceptional user-experience from all devices.

8 Easy Integrations

Adding your social channels, contact forms, and schedulers is, you guessed it, e-a-s-y to do! This helps you build stronger relationships with your leads, communicate quicker, and reduce the “back and forth” legwork behind the scenes.

Can we even quantify that value? Probably not.

I have my own website contact form set up and integrated with my CRM and can book a new client using pre-set workflows without even needing to be online when the lead reaches out.

These integrations are often what make a distinct difference between your business and the others they might be checking out at the same time.

A close up look at a laptop sitting on woman's lap while she sits on bed and writes in notebook

You can view Showit’s subscription offers here. It’s pretty simple. If you aren’t planning to blog you’ll likely choose Basic. If you’re blogging without embedding any extra sign-up forms into your posts you’ll probably choose the Basic Blog plan, and if you’re a blog aficionado you can get the Advanced plan.

If you’re considering a new website and think Showit might be the best option for you (yay!), please consider reaching out to see if I can help you take your website from dream to done.

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