Companies who outsource

benefit from a clear path

Allowing you and your team to do more of your most important work with less strain and stress.

CEOs of growing businesses often find themselves pulled in too many directions and no one to hand things off to... until now.

What might your days look like by adding the following experience and guidance to your business?

the coo value



Almost any task can be outsourced, especially ones taking up your time or beyond your skillset. Delegate non-essential tasks to keep your vision momentum in the places it matters most.



Sometimes a CEO will prefer a partner for co-leadership to create balance and complement their skills, style, and expertise. An Outsourced COO is an objective approach to this need and avoids potential interest conflict.

Even with a day-to-day operations focus, your COO can lead specific initiatives for larger organizational shifts through aligned strategies, critical thinking, delegation and effective communication. 

A typical COO role can oversee logistics, performance, and processes on a daily basis to best integrate the "how" details into your operations based on the CEO's big picture (aka the "what") goals. 

the coo job description

Does this sound like a position you'd like to onboard to your team?

Review efforts & outputs to optimize workflows and improve productivity.

Understand and analyze all departments and company mission to identify and plan for areas of opportunity.

Strong and unique leadership style representing all teams' interest with empathy, responsibility, and self-awareness.

Increase sales, reduce costs, monitor progress updates, identify and help resolve corrective areas that arise.

Develop, communicate, and implement systems and processes for profitability and performance.

wait, there's more!

Here's what else Katie brings to your continued efforts & success:

Strong analytical skills with ability to creatively approach ideas, problems and opportunities.

Masterful organization of details and operations with ability to clearly communicate to and on behalf of many parties.

Unique ability to take big picture vision and integrate it into daily tasks and break down complex ideas into easy to understand, action oriented conversations and decisions.

Maintain focus of company brand plans and goals while facilitating a comfortable environment that allows all voices to be heard, validated, and supported.

your priorities, opportunities, & budget = your options:

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20 Hours per Month

40 Hours per Month

80 Hours per Month

~5 hours each week


~10 hours each week


i.e. Part-Time 
Add-on as needed at $95/hr 
120 hours per quarter

~20 hours each week


i.e. Full-Time
Add-on as needed at $90/hr
240 hours per quarter

Need something different than the options shown here? Please consider reaching out to discuss your specific needs together.

when you choose the outsourced coo

No hiring risk or long-term contracts

No HR overhead waste or high recruiter fees

Easily add or decrease hours anytime you need

You get the best fit for the job, regardless of yours or my location

you won't have to worry about...

The expense of a full-time salary

Signing bonus and/or equity distribution

Relocation fee or long delays to start date

Additional expense of benefits, PTO, and employee taxes




Retainers are auto-renewed quarterly, until canceled. Additional hours added to monthly invoice. Unused hours up to 5% receive 1x rollover.

Just the Essential Work
Add-on as needed at $100/hr
60 hours per quarter

Most clients can anticipate an average investment of 3-9+ months to accomplish their operational objectives.

your outsourced outcomes

When you hire The Outsourced COO you'll reap many benefits. Some examples of the biz-changing impact you can expect are:

Are you reaching for the post-its and making yourself some type of follow-up reminder?
Your sticky note collection, though colorful and plentiful, is ready for a break too. My consultation process is your first chance to experience just how great the relief can be of having help instead of more hustle. It's a brief, expertly designed process to quickly help you identify your greatest operational needs and how to get started.


Immediate relief so you're no longer bursting at the seams with work each day, falling behind, or underdelivering as you go.

Updated workflows and procedures to alleviate the stress that comes from forcing your needs through expired processes.

An organic development process of this new role will clearly outline a successful job description for future hiring goals.

Implementing the best practices for your team so that their talents and efforts are more easily producing noticeably better results.

Leaders play a critical role in the wellbeing of their employees.

Leaders and managers may hold more influence over people's mental health than they ever thought possible.

60% of employees worldwide say their job is the biggest factor influencing their mental health.

For almost 70% of people, their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or doctor.

81% of employees worldwild would prioritize good mental health over a high-paying job, and 64% admit they would take a pay cut for a job that better supports their mental wellness.

You can create lasting impact by raising leadership standards and investing strategically in the right support for your organization today.

Source: Mental Health at Work

-Sarah, corporate speaker & workshop facilitator

"Katie consistently produces ideas, solutions, and strategic insights to keep business growing in ways that work great and also keep me excited about the company I'm building."

what clients say about katie

"I truly think Katie has a gift in doing the kind of work she does. She's provided invaluable tools, resources and confidence that keep me moving forward in my small business."

-jill, online gift retailer

what clients say about katie

business operations?

To define and prioritize the company's goals.
i.e. what needs done

what exactly is




Outline the plans and implementation in order to achieve results. i.e. how to do it

To define and prioritize the company's goals.
i.e. what needs done
Outline the plans and implementation in order to achieve results. i.e. how to do it
The day-to-do efforts to produce desired outcome(s). i.e. where it happens & by who.

The day-to-do efforts to produce desired outcome(s). i.e. where it happens & by who.

Industry Partnerships

Here are a handful of industries that have benefitted from working with Katie to grow, develop, and sustain their businesses:

Don't see your industry? Not to worry! The principles, practices, and methods have been used to successfully support new business, 7-figure brands, solopreneurs, non-profit and other organizations just like yours.

event venue
seasonal festival
real esate investing
mental health
event planners
academic + tutoring
boutique gifts
service-based businesses
brick + mortar

your first 90 days

Planning for Success

I'm here to support wherever you need me! In the event you're not sure exactly where you need me most, here's an example overview of where my working role can begin:

Clarity on how to position yourself to execute the best version of your role so that you're able to continue putting your time toward things that most excite you. Transforming your overwhelming "needs" list into an action-oriented business development plan.

Develop breathing room with options for expanding your role and earning back some mental & emotional energy by shifting necessary tasks off your plate and identifying additional support and role opportunities.

Stabilization of existing business infrastructures to improve company wellbeing for brand sustainability and growth goals. Catching up on back-end backlog and positioning your teams' talents with renewed clarity, purpose, and capacity.

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operations outsourcing questions

What's the best way to decide how many hours we'll need for our Outsourced COO role?

What's the best way to decide how many hours we'll need for our Outsourced COO role?

There are two ways to handle this. The first is to start with a conservative hours estimation, knowing you can add on additional time needed at your retainer hourly rate. Or, choose a more comfortable range with the benefit of rolling over 5% of unused hours to the following quarter and either way making any retainer adjustments once you have a better idea of your ideal hours quota.

Is in-person support an option for our company & teams?

Is in-person support an option for our company & teams?

Absolutely and with pleasure! My home office is located in Loveland, OH (just north of Cincinnati). If you're local and would find it beneficial for me to join you in-person at any time, an additional 1 hour of your retainer bank will be considered fulfilled each occasion I'm personally in office. For remote companies, we keep travel as simple as possible using a standard state-side travel fee for airfare, accommodations, & per diem.

How do we extend or cancel our retainer?

How do we extend or cancel our retainer?

All clients of The Outsourced COO will have access to a private communication portal that houses important service documents including a standard cancel request form that you can submit anytime under the guidelines of your specific retainer package requiring 30, 45, or 60 days notice for cancelation.

We're still developing the role of our COO, can we reach out now?

We're still developing the role of our COO, can we reach out now?

Yes! If you're considering the benefits of a COO and have the beginnings of a tasks list or backlog needing assistance we can review those details together rather than this being one more thing staring back at you from an always growing to-do list. I'm more than happy to help identify what items are within my scope of practice to get you started in the process of outsourcing your operations.

Do you work with businesses who aren't ready for a Lite, Classic, or Premium quarterly retainer?

Do you work with businesses who aren't ready for a Lite, Classic, or Premium quarterly retainer?

What is the no-risk guarantee?

What is the no-risk guarantee?

The no-risk guarantee means that once we've agreed The Outsourced COO is the right fit for your company, services will be active for two weeks before your contract and quarterly agreement go into effect. At the end of those two weeks, if for any reason, you decide not to move forward with The Outsourced COO you'll pay only for the hours received without any cancelation penalty. A standard $500 activation payment is required of all new clients, and will be applied toward your first invoice at the conclusion of those two weeks.

What happens with unused hours at the end of a retainer period?

What happens with unused hours at the end of a retainer period?

Unused hours, up to 5% of your retainer, will automatically roll over for one additional quarter, before those hours are forfeited. For Lite plan users, this is 3 hours per quarter. For Classic plan users, this is 5 hours per quarter. For Premium plan users, up to 10 hours may be rolled over, automatically, per quarter. Reduction requests to your retainer may be made anytime at least 14 days prior to quarter end, to be in effect the following quarter. All requests can be easily managed within your private client communication portal.

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