Discover a New Year In Business with Wintering

Entering a new year with the unfinished of last.

My trying to find the line between relevant conversation and trending topics fatigue in the new year… Let’s see how I do.

Since our house’s recent mega renovation, we’re still wrapping up small remaining details in the new year. I’m in and out of rooms daily, always adding to that mental punch list. It’s not a great experience tediously observing what one has not yet accomplished.

As much as I want everything finished yesterday I’ve shifted my approach to focus on one space at a time. Currently, the linen closet. So along with all the newest Home Edit fans, I’ve been on Pinterest, a lot, looking for the “best” ideas to make this closet proud.

Fresh thoughts and ideas.

Could they have less to do with a new calendar year and more with the season itself?

Summer ushers in long days of sunlight with tossed aside calendars for impromptu backyard movie nights and a natural bliss I can’t resist. Once school starts we’re simultaneously playing responsibilities catch-up and helping settle everyone in to their new routines. Before you know it, we’re putting pumpkins on the porch and heading right for the holidays.

And then, just 12 days into Winter, comes January. 

“For plants and animals, winter is part of the job. The same is true for humans.” Wintering, Katherine May

We find the time and pace to notice and check in on life with less results-oriented pressure. Here are some that might feel worthwhile for you to explore over the next few months.

Your Physical, Online, Emotional, and Financial Spaces

 Your business is a year older, wiser, and undoubtedly different. Even small shifts create a rippled

 impact worth reassessing. What have you outgrown, or need, in order to keep forging ahead?

Observe & Release

 Is there anything it’s time to let go of? An idea, belief, expectation or plan that no longer plays out in your favor. 

Potential & Opportunity

Find your excitement! Consider what energetically boosts you, or feels life giving, and spend time there. Even if, and especially, you’ve put it off because it doesn’t seem purposeful. Play, as an activity with no specific desired outcome, has many benefits. 

Your Support System

Having the right people, in the right places, to support you as the company you are today. Not every partnership has to be forever and even the best DIY plucky mindsets can only go so far.

Regardless of any resolutions status, may we all take this space to see what unfolds for us so that we are more willing and ready to expand with the flowers.

Happy 2023 to you.


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