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Kristy is a wife, mom of four, a previous nurse by profession, total DIY queen, and now a licensed realtor in Cincinnati, Ohio. Incredible, right?! She had a great vision for her new website and I was honored when she handed that vision over for me to bring to life. I first worked with Kristy and her Mom Homework brand in 2019 when she participated in my beta group for The Gram Guide. She has built an incredible community on her Instagram account, and provides so much support and encouragement to other real estate investors. It was time for her to have a central location for all of her amazing educational resources, tutorials, and a great portfolio feature for all the houses she’s successfully renovated.

I’ll let you in on a little secret right now… Kristy’s new website has extra pages (not published yet) that I designed out for her so that she can share up to double the amount of house renovations in her portfolio! Why?! Because she’s totally going to need that space as she continues to tackle and triumph over new houses that she transforms. To know Kristy is to believe in her. And she believes in others, which is why she’s so good at guiding others in their own investing journey.

Creating Kristy’s Real Estate Investor Website

I interviewed Kristy to talk about how she built that community, how it helped her grow her business in unimaginable ways, and ways for others to do the same. Our conversation flowed easily for nearly an hour, and we could have gone so much longer. Needless to say, I really enjoy Kristy and watching her business grow!

Kristy started out by receiving some hourly consulting with me in order to clarify and articulate the different levels of her brand. Having done this with a third party for my own business, I know how helpful it can be and how much time and money it ultimately saves in the overall investment. I absolutely loved doing this with her and I’ll always remember her smile as we mapped out on paper all of the different facets and value pieces of her business.

Here’s what Kristy had to say after we launched her new website and branding…

“My favorite part of my new website is how everything flows so seamlessly and cohesively through the different offerings and topics. My favorite part of my new branding is how the colors reflect the message that I want to convey… The new branding carries throughout the whole site and really ties it all together.”

How would you describe your experience working together with Katie?

“Working with Katie was a dream come true. She has an amazing way of articulating the exact message I was floundering around and does so in such a humble and guiding way. Every question that I asked was met with a helpful, well thought out answer. The value I received from working with Katie is well worth my investment.”

How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

“I think this updated look will help to drive traffic to my site and help to turn my online business into a profitable one. Readers will take more interest in my offerings and be confident in my authority on the topics I cover.”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“My favorite part about working together was the brainstorming sessions where we would bounce ideas around and grow them into valuable concepts that could be implemented on the site.”

(Yes, I loved this part too! And I think it shines throughout the site in many different ways.)

Some of the word inspiration behind Kristy’s new brand were things like authenticity, education, entertaining, relatable, visionary, freedom, ease, and intent. My goal was to convey professionalism, with a minimal and clean design. I wanted to invoke thoughts of freshness, growth and prosperity along with her knowledge and trustworthiness. And it was important that I found unique ways to nod to her creativity, optimism and caring nature.

I actually was able to meet Kristy on-site of one of her rental properties before we began her website. Reflecting back on that day together and hearing her speak from right within the heart of what she does, in her element, was so much fun as I worked on her website. Kristy originally chose a template from Just Add Moxie on Showit and then we customized her brand colors, logo, site layout and all her website copy.

Fun fact: a new logo was not part of the original design scope, but we both agreed simultaneously that the new site wouldn’t be complete without it! I actually had her logo drawn in my head before I ever started. It just seemed so natural based on her brand and personality. Obviously, loved having the chance to do that for her too. I don’t think the project would have turned out the same without it. (Kristy shares her Thursday mornings with her IG community each week, and one item on her to-do list is always remembering to water her plants.)

Two of my favorite features of her site are the resource page and the typography images. The resource page was not only practical for her traffic and audience, but now looks really professional and inviting and can continue to grow alongside her free resources. The typography images like this timeline were a unique way to stand out from other investor websites and share a lot of purpose-driven information without lots of extra text. Kristy designed them herself after our consulting sessions and they turned out beautifully.

“I am extremely happy that I had the opportunity to work with Katie!! She was a careful listener in our planning calls and has a fine eye for details and design. Her knowledge about websites and business as a whole made the implementation of the concepts I was looking for feel like a breeze. I would have spent countless hours working to roll out my website and it wouldn’t have been nearly as cohesive or on brand as the end product I was able to achieve with her services. I highly recommend Katie to everyone who is interested in launching a site or rebranding their business!!”

Wishing you had this many good things to say about your own website? You can! Connect with me today to talk about creating a new website that you love (and that serves your business better)!

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