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Ready to Jumpstart your way to cEO status over the next 90 days?

hey there, business owner!

You have strong ideas for continuing to grow and expand your organization. You’re unclear if the hesitation up to this point is a mindset issue or your intuition saying “hold on a minute…" Let's clear this up as well.

"I have a new idea!"

Your greatest asset is your time and you've discovered there's only so many ways to reorganize a full plate and things will, and do, start falling off. We'll address this too.

"Once I'm caught up."

You’re facing some essential hiring decisions, and aren’t sure who to hire first or how to onboard them into the daily chaos so they don’t run for the hills. We'll uncover some good options.

"We need help!"

bye guesswork. hello blueprint guide.

How does a business founder step into their role and thrive as cEO?

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There are a few ways you’re now bumping up against your own capacity ceiling. It can be a disorienting and overwhelming experience that doesn’t make sense considering how well your business is doing.

As the founder of a growing, in-demand organization your time & energy are maxed out and your scope of expertise is waning as you enter new territory in your elevated role as key decision maker and leader.

As a Fractional COO I empathize with the raw and real of your every day and understand the affects of your unmet needs. 

Growing quickly is exciting, but moving too fast without a proper operational mainframe leaves you susceptible to serious back-end breakdowns. The First Time CEO Jumpstart Program™ helps you find your grip on this upward climb so you can avoid catastrophe along the way. 

You've taken your expertise and built something successful. Your next steps matter.

The First Time CEO Jumpstart Program is for businesses needing more executive level help. Here you're provided with a set timeframe for determining those needs and then successfully preparing your organization and team for this next transition and growing phase.

what they're saying

others like you...

"Katie has such a gift at being able to listen well about your business and all the emotions that go into being a business owner...

...and distill that into a plan and give purpose and structure around 'what next'. She has a unique experience that allows her to empathetically help CEOs name and sort through obstacles that can keep us moving forward. It's obvious that her certifications, trainings, and experience she has invested in has led to a deeper understanding of the human experience and how we, as emotional beings, need community and partnership to thrive."

designer + realtor
cincinnati, oh

"Within a short period of time, Katie has made significant contributions to our brand guidelines and method to capture and communicate the breadth of our educational programs.

With a 28 year corporate career, I value and immediately recognize standout leadership talent, personal creativity and demonstrated ownership for delivering results. Katie is applying all of those skills to our nonprofit organization and already making a positive impact. Not only is our nonprofit lucky to have her, but she is an asset to our community. She is a clear communicator, organized, listens to understand and works well with others."

Executive director
Cincinnati, OHIO

This is a 1:1 service and we don't just talk generics and hypotheticals. Everything is approached through a direct lens of your business as it stands today.

swap guessing for clarity


Receive guidance as you decide what you want your role to become without losing your sense of self and passion for the work you've loved to do for so long.

recalibrate your role


Bring order and structure into the daily fold of your work and to your team so they feel engaged, supported and you're ready to assess your best hiring options.

systems & processes


Take the guesswork out of stabilizing and positioning your company to move forward with a powerful impact and purposeful direction.

operations & opportunity


Create a roadmap of where you are today, where you want to go and what you'll need to do in order to get there successfully and how it will happen along the way.

get ready to take action


Identifying how to get more margin into your days. We can't make more hours but we can restructure so you're reclaiming 5 hours of your time to start with and increasing from there!

find your 5!
then make it 10.


How you're going to get there:

this is me, help!

There are several ways business owners are misguided in this particular season of entrepreneurship. These are real examples that have come with frustrating, costly, and disappointing results. If you’ve been considering any of these options then The First Time CEO Jumpstart Program™ is definitely for you.

Mistake 1: Taking all the tasks you no longer have time for and shifting them over to an administrative or assistant role. 

Mistake 2: Hiring a process or systems specialist to help you get more organized on the back-end.

Mistake 3: Investing in executive coaching or other leadership programs when behind-the-scenes business life is mayhem.

Fortunately, we have a well-researched approach ready for you.

There are many ways to get this right, and many ways to escalate your existing challenges. 

Overseeing a reasonable amount of essential tasks that keep your company running and growing into the greatest version of itself.

Delegating with additional support to avoid leadership fatigue and bottlenecking your teams' work and talents.

Doing what makes sense proactively rather than by default or reactively without a clear sense of direction and outcome.

Creating new initiatives and keeping your business efforts aligned to your strategy and mission.

Focus and mental bandwidth for making important decisions and setting your company's tone at the top to create the best work environment and drive continued success.

What your CEO status look likes:

What Type of Business Do You Have?

Well-Being Provider

Service Based

Premier Quality

Brick & Mortar

Community Events


we don't skip the hard stuff, but we won't stay stuck in it either.

That being said, the wellbeing of your entire team is at the core of everything we do together helping you be the best leader you can be. This doesn't just help you, it helps everyone. Our approach is long-sighted to ensure you aren't relying on 'band-aid' fixes over structural repairs. You're sure to receive accountability and empowerment so you're better equipped with the tools you need to identify answers for your company needs long after program completion.

You can't hire administrative or assistant level help when you need executive level leadership.

The average mid-level COO salary in the US is around $122,000 (plus benefits and other employee expenses on top of the hiring process itself). Bringing your investment to more than $10,000 a month. The First Time CEO Jumpstart Program™ is designed to provide you 3 months of direct 1:1 access, expertise and support for less than one-month's salary of a full-time hire.

I know you need more than solutions that 'sound nice' so we'll assess and create a prioritized plan of action that works for you and integrates deeper support to your team.

our program philosophy looks like this:

-corporate training co. Louisville, ky

"She saw a way to increase sales as much as $10k per client without making more work for ourselves..."

-Director, consultant, & keynote speaker
cincinnati, OH

"You've understood in 2 hours what I've been trying to communicate to others for 3 years."

let's get started

Ready to get started?

On our calender you go! Let's get to work helping you, your business, and your team during this exciting and important time to ensure you've got a proper operational mainframe for success. 

on your way


Once you're confident in taking this next step with our program, and your application has been approved you'll accept your program invitation, sign the program agreement and make your first payment.

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connect + explore

Submit the interest form or apply to the program so we can determine together if this is a good fit for your current goals and discuss what it could look like as we work together over the next 90 days.


What are the next steps? Here they are:

Part of our core values is ensuring you have the options you need when you need them. That means if for any reason during the program you determine it is no longer a good fit you may request to exit the program without any additional cost.

No cancelation penalty, ever.

there's no risk

Alternative Payment & Plan Options


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let's calm this chaos.

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The way I’d structured my business and relationships meant that I was on the hook for a lot of people’s questions and needs. The reasonable needs of my audience, customers, and team members had stretched my capacity for emotional labor so far that I broke."

-Tara McMullin | Writer, podcaster, and producer helping us ask the right questions about the conventional narratives of work, leadership, and business. She believes that "together, we can catalyze a more humane, accessible, and just approach to work."  

Ready to change your narrative with the help of The First Time CEO Jumpstart Program™?

"Self-alienation is too high a price to pay for the relative privilege of working for yourself.

it matters more than you think

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