How to Take Advantage of Instagram Reels for Your Small Business

Practical Instagram Reels Tips and Takeaways for the Everyday Business Owner (No Dancing or Savvy Editing Required)

I’ve felt a little uncertain about what it means to be an Instagram Marketing Consultant, Coach, and Strategist but not an instant guru when it comes to Instagram Reels.

I’ve certainly researched, watched the trends, taken a course, and studied how they are impacting the social media platform itself. As a user, I was a little slower on the uptake.

At the end of the day, we have to make decisions about what we do in and for our businesses. We have to find our own balance of what feels good and how we can look for opportunities to thrive.

You always have options on Instagram. It would be a disservice on my part not to tell you how incredibly powerful video is right now. Mandatory? Not at all. But I don’t want you to ever feel like you didn’t use it just because you never knew it’s potential. 

Instagram has several different video components and users continue to express interest in the ‘less than perfect’ content over the perfectly curated feeds. No need to dread trying to meet those standards. Between the different video options and the growing acceptance of non-influencer style presentation I would recommend you explore options that feel best for your business. Then put them to good use.

How the Average Instagram User Can Benefit Their Business With Reels

1 Find Ways That Work for You.

If you look at my Instagram reels you’ll see that I use easy transitions and long video takes. That’s because that’s what felt most doable for me. Based on my skills and the time I am willing to invest in 15 second video clips for the Internet, that’s what I’ve been using. Maybe one of these four personality types will resonate with you.

Screenshot of Instagram Reel

2 Get Inspiration From Others.

Influencer accounts tackled reels right away, and they can get pretty creative. Many of them have practice from using Tik-tok, so they felt comfortable and capable creating content as soon as reels became available.

Instead of comparing yourself to them, use them for inspiration. Write down good song choices, take note of the subject matters and see how you can create something similar. Don’t forget to watch the movement they do in the video and try something that feels fun for you. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There’s enough people out there giving us great ideas that we can borrow from.

Some of my favorite reels come from people in totally different industries than me.

Screenshot of an Instagram Reel by an Instagram user

3. You Can Expect Greater Overall Reach.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything I’ve ever written, shared, or taught that emphasizes reach as a top priority. That’s because the mass reach methodology is outdated and impractical for a business owner.

I recently shared the same content in an Instagram post and then as an Instagram reel. My reach was 10x greater on the reel. The post and reel on Instagram shared the same core message but the delivery and personality behind them were totally different. I tend to share longer, more informative posts on Instagram and I think reels are a fun way to change things up and interact differently with my audience.

Anytime Instagram releases a new feature, they prioritize it and give it preferential treatment. If users enjoy my reel content, Instagram may be more likely to prioritize my other content too.

4. Instagram Is Prioritizing Reels.

I’m not saying you are at the mercy of Instagram and have to do everything the way they tell you to. I’m saying there are plenty of uphill battles, and if you can swap your copy content for a short video in order to have that message reach more people, engage and build stronger relationships, and ultimately strengthen your outcomes, then it might just be worth the time and effort.

Few people love change. But, our world is built on innovation. Those who adapt and embrace ways to benefit from new opportunities tend to have a lighter journey. Just something to think about. You’re your own boss. You’ll figure out what’s right for you.

5. A Good Cover Image Makes a Big Difference.

Draw in your audience with an intriguing cover image that makes people want to watch. Format it so that the main image and words are within the format of an Instagram post square so that you can share it to your reels feed and your main feed. You’ll reach more people, attract more views, and extend the life of something you worked hard on.

I recommend using Canva for something like you see here:

Screenshot of an Instagram Reel Cover photo

6. Instagram Reels That Are Easy to Watch Are Most Popular.

Instagram has, and continues to be, a place where people go to “get away” for a few minutes. They want easily digestible content, humor, entertainment or inspiration to help them through their days. Choose topics that are meaningful, entertaining, funny or inspirational and then share it in a way that people will enjoy watching. 

7. The More Times Someone Watches Your Reel, the Better.

The reels that go viral are the ones that people want to watch over and over. Hear me out, going viral won’t change your life, but it is fun to see so many people watching your reel. I imagine this is how the OG Instagram users felt about creating and sharing content before the invention of the algorithm.

Create something, share it, and see it enjoyed by many. But also, it signals to Instagram that your content is quality, and that continues to be important for Instagram users on the platform. If your followers are watching your reels, because that’s what they are interested in, then Instagram will be more likely to show them your posts when you share those.

Inspiring, entertaining and a great story… a recipe for a great reel.

Screenshot of an Instagram reel shared by a travel blogger in Paris

8 Video Is Quicker to Process Than Text.

Video is a great alternative to communicate meaningful, important, or valuable information to our audiences. As more people produce written content it will be harder to be seen and heard. You’ll need to constantly be improving the quality in which you’re showing up to your community because they are being presented with more and more message every day.

With video, it’s a way to change things up and take advantage of space that isn’t nearly as saturated. Your audience will have a higher capacity for not only receiving it, but appreciating it more as well.

Are You Ready to Add Instagram Reels to Your Marketing Strategy?

What do you think? Are you willing to consider incorporating Reels into your content marketing strategy? I hope you’ll at least consider it!

Let me know below or over on Instagram if you have any questions regarding Instagram reels.

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