Hair Dresser Website: Why It Helps Biz + Stunning Template Options

I’ve been seeing my hair dresser for more than a decade and now my two kiddos (10m/5f) see her as well. With back to school in full gear it was time for everyone to get a fresh cut. Anytime I sit in her chair I think about the salon from a business + brand perspective (I can’t help it… ya know?!). This time I started thinking about the idea of a hair dresser website instead of the usual salon website.


Great question.

My son getting ready for his first haircut in nearly two years.

I teased out the question to see if there was any validity to the idea or if it was more of daydream courtesy of my hair dresser’s amazing scalp massage skills during my shampoo rinse.

As it turns out, there are some serious benefits to a hair dresser website. To be clear, I’m talking about a website specifically for the hair dresser– not the salon itself.

This gal added to the inspiration wall while eagerly waiting for her turn.

Since my own appointment takes a few hours, I had plenty of time to put together an extensive list of reasons. Check out all the reasons why it’s not just a fabulous idea, but a business savvy one too.

Claiming Your Niche is Easier With a Hair Dresser Website

You’re not just any hairstylist. You’ve honed certain skills, expanded your education, and have certain styles that show off your magic. With your own website you can easily provide a professional claim to what you do best. Keep on reading to see exactly how you can do this for yourself.

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Helps Hair Dresser’s Own Their Client Relationships

If you haven’t already, at some point in your career you’re going to need to change what salon you work at. And unfortunately, the salon you’re leaving may not make that process easy for you. Including letting your clients know in advance. Rather than trying to find ways to share that information with them while avoiding any type of drama or employer issues, a business card with your website will make it easy for your best clients to always find you.

Don’t Forget To Consider Your Advancement Opportunities

When your only promotion is a bio under the umbrella of a larger salon website it’s harder for others to discover your work. A stand-alone hair dresser website can help open up new opportunities for collaboration, teaching, attending industry specific events and more!

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What Hair Dresser Doesn’t Love Good Referrals?

Everyone swears their hairdresser is the best. Don’t you love the loyalty? When someone hops on Facebook and says “help, my hairdresser moved and I need a new one!” they’re going to get plenty of referrals. By having your own website you’ll make your job easier by earning more clients without any extra effort. No one loves the process of calling a salon and building rapport with a new hairdresser. After they look over your website, they’ll already feel comfortable with you and be ready to reach out.

Appointment Management Easy for You + Your Clients

Read also: time saver! Not to mention you can totally transform the booking process into something that feels like an upscale, luxurious experience using many of the great scheduler apps or CRMs out there. You’ll be able to streamline communication, bookings, reminders, and payment options and deliver one amazing customer experience that is sure to get rave reviews.

Hair Dressers Can Promote Their Salon Too!

Have you ever considered the benefits of flipping the script and featuring some qualities of the salon you choose to call your work home instead of limiting yourself to a small bio feature on the salon’s main website? You can help your favorite clients connect to more of their favorite services + products. Your clients will surely love the extra level of care and service. After all, they’re here because of you! But finding a great add-on service or new favorite product just makes your service experience all the more successful.

Share Services and Display Your Talents

I’m sure you’ve seen the growing number of Instagram and Tiktok accounts featuring hairdressers all over the world. Usually run by the salon or the individual stylist. Why? Because seeing the results is a mega effective marketing tool. A website will allow you to pair more information about your services, help clients understand the value + pricing, and immediately feel at ease by seeing the quality + transformations you’re capable of providing. You might notice an opportunity to increase your average transaction simply by sharing some additional options they have during their appointment with you.

Help Yourself Attract Your Kinda People

I’ve yet to meet a talented hairdresser who lacks personality, style, and passion. But I can also see that no two are the same. In a role that requires so much of you both personally and professionally for long hours at a time it makes sense to capture the attention and business of clients that make your job the most enjoyable. What do you want their experience to be like? Do you wanna chat all things delicious food? Play some great music and let them relax? A website can help you share more about the type of environment and service delivery preferences to help you connect to clients who genuinely want and appreciate the same type of approach.

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Create Ease Between Your Hair Dresser Social Platforms

If you’re active on social media a website is a great way to move your followers into the booking process without requiring them to reach out to a salon receptionist in order to inquire about your services. A website allows you to take ownership over the relationship you have with your fans, followers, and customer base keeping them up to date on your services, happy customers, special events, and even last minute openings.

What Will A Hair Dresser Website Cost?

Let’s think about all the benefits we just laid out, pretty thorough, yes? Here’s the best part… you can have all these benefits with your own Showit website for less than $300/annual. Never heard of Showit before? I break down why this platform is so amazing for creatives like you in this post.

Additional Costs To Keep In Mind For Your Hair Dresser Website

You’ll need to purchase your own domain for somewhere around $30/annual and can do so with a reputable company like GoDaddy or Google Domains. A URL close to your name or name + business is your best option.




A DIY Template or Hire A Designer To Help You Launch

Some Showit templates come with instructional videos to help you through the process of customizing and launching your own template. Your other option is to hire a designer to help you knock it out as quickly as one VIP Day.

13 Inspiring Showit Website Templates for Hair Dressers

If you’re looking for something with a bit of mood, you might like one of these bold templates. Keep in mind, all templates I’m sharing here were built by a Showit Design Partner to ensure quality on the back end as well as the swoon worthy designs. Templates can be customized for clients by any Showit Designer, and I’d be happy to partner with you if you’re loving this idea.

Bold Style Showit Templates

Savannah | Full of modern charm and fit for any crowd. The design includes modern, trendy fonts and colors and has built-in easy-to-use editing with all custom shapes. 

Lumina | A great design that fits any creative business with a wide range of pages to give any small business a boost! Includes a handful of e-commerce pages, so you can easily add Shopify buttons, Thrivecart, or other storefront buttons!

Dayton | Sassy, stylish and playful offering a simplistic layout with most of the content located on a parallax one-page design.

Daphne Rogers | Daphne is the perfect template for the stylish influencer with stylish neutral details and slick design. It’s the perfect choice for any fashionista’s online hub.

Sophisticated Showit Templates for Your Hair Dresser Website

With Showit you are sure find a template style that fits your budget and business. If you’re a little more into the sophisticated vibe, check these out!

Alba | A delicate balance of form and function with a modern, yet elegant framework ideal for attracting like-minded souls and clients.

Eleanor | This template is modern, clean and catchy and full of personality to engage visitors and convert them into clients.

Flora | Flora is a playful, bright minimalistic website template that coats your brand in expertise, inviting trust and customer loyalty. With a magazine-worthy layout, unique effects, and strategic call to actions you’ll find that the Flora template effectively features your services with a dash of whimsy.

Alice | Whimsical, romantic, and classic… just like your brand. This template comes from one of my favorite designers and would be super fun to customize for you.

Have Some Fun With These Playful Showit Templates for Your Hair Dresser Website

Even the names are fun with these colorful and unique Showit Templates. Feel confident that you can get your website looking absolutely perfect for your brand, your voice, and your style knowing you can change any colors, text, and site features to your liking.

Tokyo | Inspired by the whimsical streets of Tokyo, this bold template is meant to stand out. Each element of this template is customizable, down to the very last dreamy shape. The sky is the limit for your new website with this one.

Penelope | Flaunt your fun, fierce and playful personality with miss Penelope. The colorful, captivating website is made for creative dreamers ready for self-made success.

The Taylor | A refined and elegant template for industry pros and other service-based businesses.

Maggie | Bright, super fun, and feminine all wrapped up into one powerhouse template that’s sure to have your audience doing a double take next time they’re looking for a new hair-do.

We love our hair dresser and we know how hard you work to keep your clients happy! Consider treating yourself to a website that shows off just how amazing all your clients already know you are.

In a market where your clients can choose anyone, it’s no coincidence why they pick you. Learn how to embody who your business is + why your impact matters to expand your possibilities for growth in ways that actually make sense. Learn more about how I can help you by visiting me at

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