Courtney Bowlden Photography | A Custom Website Project

Scope of Work: Showit Template Customization, Custom Website Design, & Copywriting

Courtney and I clicked pretty quickly when we hopped on Zoom to introduce ourselves and discuss her website project.

Part of that has to do with the care and intention we bring into our professional relationships. And our mutual love of personal development and the Enneagram didn’t hurt either. 

Having a client like Courtney, who trusted me 100% from the very beginning, made this project joyful, exciting and extremely successful. Within a few weeks of launching, Courtney noted that the average time site visitors were spending on her website was already up by nearly 300%. And her leads were commenting on just how great and helpful they found her site to be as they looked for the perfect photographer!

Here’s how it went behind the scenes as we took Courtney’s “pretty vanilla” site (her words) from meh to amazing! 

L: Before Home Page | R: After Home Page

Courtney’s Brand Development

Courtney has spent the last ten years perfecting her services and building a great reputation. She also continues to develop her skills as a professional photographer. She’s shot close to 300 weddings in the US, Paris, London, Iceland, Canada, Hawaii, Scotland and Italy.

One of our main objectives was to really elevate Courtney as the ‘go-to photographer’ for destination weddings. We needed to communicate her value to the couples she genuinely enjoys working with. 

I spent a lot of time looking through Courtney’s online platforms and reading amazing reviews she’s accumulated over the years. This helped me understand what makes Courtney so valuable and unique to those she works with.

That’s the message I wanted to create and communicate from her new website.

I created a unique bank of words most commonly seen in her client testimonials and colleague reviews to use as a creative north star throughout the project.

Then I worked with Courtney to identify what makes those clients her favorite. Those experiences are the details I needed in creating her new business message.

Designing Courtney’s Website

There were some special elements to be included in this project. Courtney had her own list and I had mine as to strengthen her brand and business.

1 About the Team

Both of Courtney’s second shooters are previous brides of hers and is something I wanted to communicate to her future brides. She doesn’t just shoot photos of weddings, she builds relationships.

L: Before About Page | R: After About Page

2 Fine Print Gallery

As a world traveler, Courtney has a beautiful collection of art prints that she’s taken. Part of her site design was to include a customized entrance to her shop that aligned with her overall brand and site experience without taking the focus away from her photography services.

 3 Services & Destination Travel Details

Adding in a more in-depth spread on her packages was a key element for this design. Creating and curating a buyer’s journey that leads them toward the service(s) Courtney is most eager to book for a happy and healthy business.

Additionally, by presenting the details of her travel in a clear, thoughtful way ensures she stands out against anyone else in her industry. This was my favorite part!

4 Investment Page & Weddings and Engagement Guides

We also added a hidden investment page to help Courtney out with some of the logistical details of her client communication. We also redesigned her Wedding and Engagement Guides (as hidden pages) to have the same design formatting as the rest of her website. They turned out gorgeous. Lead magnets are essential in today’s marketing world, and making hers so visually stunning was icing on the cake.

L: Original Guide; R: Guide after being brand customized

What Courtney Said About The Project

What led you to reach out to Katie…?

I was feeling overwhelmed about redoing my website and how to word it to attract the clients I wanted to.

How would you describe working with Katie and the services you received?

Incredible! I always looked forward to talking with her and was always blown away by her thoroughness in her research. I loved all of her ideas and insight and knowledge.

What part was most helpful for you, and why?

The writing part. She knew what to say and where on my site.

Anyone who is overwhelmed by getting a new website up and running or just not knowing where to begin- HIRE KATIE! She is so fun to work with and is so knowledgeable.

Katie- I truly cant thank you enough. Working with you was the highlight of my year!

“Katie, I truly can’t thank you enough. Working with you was the highlight of my year!”

Courtney, Courtney bowlden Photography

You can check out the rest of Courtney’s website HERE. She’s also on instagram at @Courtneybowlden

Additional Project Details:

Website Hosting Platform: Showit

Original Template: Clover by Tonic

Logo Design: Harper Maven Design

Original Wedding & Engagement Guide Template: Davey & Krista

Your website should be connecting you to great leads every day, creating unrivaled interest in what you offer, and motivate potential customers to reach out to you without objection or hesitation.

If it’s not, reach out today and let’s talk together about how we can create your own custom site that wows and works for your business just as hard as you do.

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