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More Ease on Instagram in 2023

You may not know this, but my first official freelance service back in 2018 was Instagram marketing. To the tune of “Free! In exchange for your feedback + a review if you’d be so inclined”. Don’t worry, I began charging a whole whopping $30/hr sometime after that.  TL;DR Ease on Instagram in 2023 Summary Trends […]

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Discover a New Year In Business with Wintering

Entering a new year with the unfinished of last. Since our house’s recent mega renovation, we’re still wrapping up small remaining details in the new year. I’m in and out of rooms daily, always adding to that mental punch list. It’s not a great experience tediously observing what one has not yet accomplished. As much […]

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4 Easy Ways to Know It’s Time to Update Your Website

Have you heard the saying that internet years are like dog years? The point being made is that things move at a quicker pace online than you might be used to. The key for this conversation is recognizing that a website is not like a piece of furniture you buy for your living room and […]

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