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For leaders devoted to reaching more people with their mission, without compromising on their business. As I'm sure you know by now- they're two entirely different things. I help with the back-end so you can keep focused on your work.

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Concerned that it's all becoming too much for you to manage? 

you're not wrong... it's more than anyone ever expects.

and the list never stops growing. but our days won't get any longer. something has to give. right?

Time and time again I meet with passionate org leaders who've built something that continues to grow. The challenge they're experiencing is that it's harder to be present in the work they care most about while also managing the operational components that are now necessary to keep things afloat. 

often they've been told that at some point they have to move on from the work that's inspired them from day one in order to focus on their role as the organization's leader.

The problem then becomes a matter of feeling forced out of the work they want to continue doing and not having the experience required to oversee and manage a sustainable, in-demand brand.

I'm so glad you're here because

you can keep doing what you love!

...You just need a little help.
And that's where our work together begins.

yes, more help!

Did you know? If you prefer to bring me onboard for more hands-on support, you can do that!

rachael & garret
west chester, oh

- Customer Experience
- Standard Operating Procedures
- Offers + Profitability

florals + events

the impact

A business plan including market analysis, brand tone, customer mapping and service offerings.
"You are so comfortable and made it feel not so overwhelming. It honestly just felt like we were chatting about dreams and ideas."

kara & nicole
san antonio, tx

-Customer Buying Journey
-Market Analysis, Messaging + Offers
-Branding + Marketing

conscious clothing

the impact

"The marketing message we created was simple and to the point. Exactly what we were looking for. Messaging is hard enough to write, but then displaying it together correctly is even harder... We had specific content goals to achieve. We did that and solved other problems as the arose."

louisville, ky

-Customer Mapping
-SOP Efficiency
-Sales & Communication

corporate training

the impact

By reviewing each individual offer, and it's corresponding audience, Sarah was able to map out a successful website experience and specify a conversion driven lead process for each to optimize conversions from the organic SEO traffic she was seeing to her site.

gary & team
batavia, oh

-Talent Attraction & Employee Retention
-Competitive Market Edge
-Brand Visibility

general construction

the impact

An outdated digital presence was a disservice to the quality of their work & team. By focusing on an updated visual brand and company message their leads get a stronger representation of the company to distinguish themselves against competitors.

Business Complexity

As business grows in complexity, the workload and responsibility may become overwhelming to existing leadership.

Growth & Expansion

During periods of company growth, having COO leadership can help support strategies and operational aspects.

Experience Gap

Organizations can grow quicker, with less obstacles, by accessing guidance from a skilled-provider with a complimentary skillset.

up to

Executives spend anywhere from 40-70% of their time making decisions and 61% believe less than half of their decisions are effective.

+ more

72% of workers believe inefficient processes negatively impact their job and employee engagement can increase productivity by 20%.

Sources: | what is decision making, | workflow automatic statistics,

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how i became the outsourced coo


Org Leadership
Event Director
Program Dev


Marketing Consulting & Design Freelance

2019 - 2022

Operated & scaled my Marketing, Website Design, & Branding Business


Completed Trauma Informed Entrepreneur Certification Program


Opened The Outsourced COO and began delivering Fractional COO services 


LMRCA Young Professional of the Year

Topics for
Advisory Sessions

Take a look at some of the most common areas of focus for clients seeking business advisory support. Open-minded, human centered individuals tasked with leading an organization, and its people, work with Katie to receive  evidence-based operational support for the business, the brand, and all people involved.


  • Website purpose, strategy, design, SEO, engagement, increased traffic, visitor conversion & more
  • Social media content strategy, planning, & sustainability
  • Email marketing, opt-ins, special promotions


  • New client onboarding, setting expectations for better satisfaction
  • Services & offers for profitability, less turnover, increased customer spending
  • Website & email impact
  • Brand reputation & referrals

customer care

  • Using your target market to influence your biz, attracting more ideal customers
  • Create strong connection points, increase sales
  • Inquiries, service delivery, quality performance, expanding offers and more


  • Customer mapping and standard operating procedures
  • Leveraging your team, talents, offers to increase revenue
  • Streamline time, efforts, cost based on wants and needs
  • Systems, software, & platforms

brand & dev

  • Visual branding, brand identity, consistent brand delivery
  • Explore potential for new ideas, services launches, offer expansions
  • Optimizing untapped market opportunities
  • Increase loyalty, easier sales

team wellbeing

  • Create flow and simplicity within daily routines
  • Diversity, representation, accessibility
  • Actively avoiding "should" action, for authentic, aligned opportunities
  • Org chart, job roles, employee support & sustainability


Guidance from someone with the training and experience in knowing the right questions to ask for different business situations to increase effective decisions & impact.

See the steps necessary, or missing, in helping your organization move from Point A to Point B.

Learn practical steps and options to help you reclaim or create balance to your CEO, leaders, and team so you can continue, without the burnout, of your meaningful work.

Develop and support a clear breakdown of company priorities and needs to actualize the results you most desire for your organization's vision and mission.

Expanded leadership support & business operations expertise to keep your momentum in moving from information to implementation without the analysis paralysis, second-guessing, "what-if" worries, or procrastination.

A unique, evidence-based approach that sees everyone involved in your business and prioritizes each individual's potential by taking the time to develop solutions that work in real life, not just hypothetically or on paper.

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