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Abundant Collab Co. is approaching it’s second anniversary coming up in September. As you know, SO much goes down in these first two years. And that’s not even including the pandemic of 2020, ya know?! I share a lot more in detail about the growth over the last two years in my mid-year review, so I won’t do that again here. This is all about celebrating the launch of my own new brand and Showit website! *cue confetti*

Abundant Collab Co. is becoming known for creating remarkable brands for service-based businesses!

Yay! That being said, the website needed to live up to the hype and potential that I want my clients to feel surrounding the possibilities for their own business. I wanted to mix in excitement, easy to understand concepts, and make them feel comfortable and confident in their decision to work with me.

Here’s what the AC Co. Homepage looked like before:

I’ll cherish the site that was forever. It did it’s job while it needed to and set me up for the incredible new site to be the strong beauty that she is!

Creating The New Abundant Collab Co. Branding

My mission for this business has not changed. I want to bring marketing empowerment to local business owners so that they can take hold of all the advantages and successes that come from marketing strategies.

I have always described my brand along the lines of professional, organic, welcoming, fun, creative, collaborative, comfortable and trustworthy. So that didn’t change, but how I am visually expressing the business brand has somehow become more sophisticated + playful. Can that be a thing? In some way, different elements of the brand took on a bit more sophistication, while at the same time I added in more playful elements that more accurately align with how I run the business. To be honest, I was afraid that if my site was too playful, I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I’m glad to be over that hump nowadays!

IMAGE CREDITS: models.com, here + now creative, stefanielange.de, myparadissi.com, trendy mood, anchor & alpine, charlottehannahcasey, creative market, styled stock house, josie derrick

Designing & Building Behind The Scenes

I pulled ideas from a lot of different books for this site. Books on how to grow flowers, house decorating, and a few others. How the concepts translated into the website design is something that I will always find really special.

One of my favorite parts of the new site is the custom blog design. I wanted it to take on a slight editorial feel and almost resemble a magazine. I also wanted it to be clean, simple, and organized. I’m just one person, but I hate the feel of messy and cluttered blogs, so obviously didn’t want that for my own.

Another feature on the new website that I’m really happy with is the Resources + Education page. This was on the to-do list for a long time! And it never made it onto the previous website, but it has finally come to life on the new website and I plan to continue adding helpful content to support business owners whether we work together 1:1 or not.

I’m so thankful to my clients who have willingly shared their feedback and testimonial reviews with me in our time working together. I absolutely love allowing real clients to share their experiences to help ease others into the decision making process about whether I’m the right designer + marketing strategist for them. It’s more important to me that businesses find the right person to work with for their goals and business style. If that’s me, I can’t wait!, and hopefully my clients communicate the value they received well and others will easily know if I’m the right choice for them.


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