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Photos from newborn sessions and maternity shoots as shown on a website homepage

Ashley, owner of Ashley Conrad Photography, and I recently partnered together to re-create her photography website copy. We share a bond not many do. We both worked for well known non-profit organizations right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Both are national organizations, with 5k style events, and we both oversaw many of the details surrounding those events.

We also share mutual friends and acquaintances personally and professionally. Somehow we didn’t meet one another until after we both left those jobs and started our own businesses.

Bizarre, right?

They say Cincinnati isn’t that big when it comes to knowing people. And it’s usually true. It’s funny to me that our paths took so long to cross. But I believe they crossed in such a rich way. I feel fortunate for our friendship we’ve built through our shared pursuits of motherhood, business ownership, and more.

Four women in business casual attire sit together in a home kitchen exchanging smiles
L to R: Amanda Vaughn, Connections Academics; Christina Beck, Vero Home; Katie, Abundant Collab Co. (me); and Ashley, Ashley Conrad Photography

Preparing Her Photography Website Copy

With young kiddos, busy schedules, and growing businesses our days often pass quicker than we imagine. So for this project we took to a quiet AirBNB to chat over coffee (fresh, hot, not reheated coffee) about the message that Ashley wanted to share with her audience before moving into a new year of business.

A quiet, cozy, well-styled apartment all to ourselves is not often how our days look. But thanks to our previous day’s photoshoot (READ ABOUT THAT HERE– COMING SOON), we used the last few hours of our reservation to really enjoy our conversation together and discuss Ashley’s vision for how she both connects to new leads and cares for clients.

Developing Aligned Website Copy

Ashley wanted to step away from the duties of running her business and prioritize this time to focus on the business to help her continue growing in healthy, profitable, and fulfilling ways.

Part of that was making better use of the customer experience and buyer journey she provides on her website.

It was important to understand and articulate who she serves and how she does that in order to present a clear, influential, and excellent message within the pages of her website.

Writing Intentional Website Copy

Home Page Copy

We wanted to make sure this message spoke directly to her ideal clients (who often come to her site as referrals) and connect with them in all the right ways.

Screenshot of a before homepage
Before: Home Page
Screenshot of a post-project for a home page of a website
After: Home Page

About Page Copy

About pages feel like they should be easy. After all, we are usually pretty good at talking about ourselves. However, About Pages are essential and strategic component requiring different attention than most business owners are familiar with. Ashley wanted to elevate her visitor’s time here and we re-worked how she approaches them in this space.

A before screenshot of a local business website featuring their about page.
Before: About Page
An after screenshot of a local business website featuring their new about page.
After: About Page
Additonal screenshot of a local business about page
After: Additional Copy Developed

Investment Page Copy

There was some white space within her existing site that was practically raising its hand and saying “put something good here!”, so we did! One of my favorite ways to extend the conversation with leads, and provide purposeful information that helps them feel confident in their decision to reach out or make a purchase, is the placement of a quality FAQ section.

You can demonstrate your understanding of your customers wants, values, needs and concerns as well as further convey the quality and uniqueness of your services with a few well thought out FAQ responses. 

A before screenshot of a photographer's website Investment page
Before: Investment Page (i.e. the white space waiting for some magic)
An after screenshot of a photographer's website newly revised Investment page
After: Investment Page With A Great, Purposeful FAQ Section

Additional Copy Tip

If you decide to create your own FAQ section on your photography website, be careful you don’t add too much to your customer’s thought process. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm them and give them more to consider than they are prepared for. It’s your job to know what to share with them at that point, and what you will tell them further on in their engaging or buying journey.

Project Summary

To wrap things up, I provided Ashley with a Brand Guide PDF that summarized the information we used to craft her updated website copy. When in doubt, opt for the philosophy that allows you to make things that are both beautiful and purposeful. Am I right?!

A Brand and Messaging PDF image featuring cover images for a lifestyle photographer
Brand Guide Excerpt From Ashley Conrad Photography. Images by Ashley Conrad Photography

“You simply have a way with words! This is perfect and better than I could have imagined. You communicated my services and vision so well!”

“I think it’s INCREDIBLE! Thank you SO MUCH!”

Ashley, Ashley Conrad Photography

You can see Ashley’s full website at Ashleyconradphotography.com and stay connected with her over on Instagram at @ashleyconradphotography.

If you’re looking to give your website some fresh and compelling copy or your website needs a total makeover, let’s chat about it together.

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