Instagram Made Simple: 5 Smart Strategies to Supercharge Your Success

These five secrets come straight out of Instagram Made Simple, a six-day workshop providing everything you need to know to kickstart a profitable Instagram plan for your business. Keep reading to learn more about each supercharge secret to convert more customers, or go ahead and grab the entire workshop for less than $20 using Coupon Code “ACblog”.

5 Smart Strategies to Supercharge your Success (and convert more customers) will cover:

1 The Flawless Formula for Your Instagram Bio

2 Leverage Your Influence by Using Highlights

3 The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement

4 Make an Impression With Posts That Wow

5 Be an Industry Leader With an Opt-in Incentive

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Reading this blog post is quick and easy. If you want to make the most of this information, download the video instead. I walk through each of these with more context and practical examples. It’s about 20 minutes total, and if you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s nice to listen and absorb new information rather than just read about it.

The Flawless Formula for Your Instagram Bio

Start things off by double checking that your profile photo is a clear photo of you, your team, or your logo. It’s always best if your business is recognizable across all social platforms. If you don’t have a social media logo (that fits in the circle shape), reach out to your designer and ask for one. Photos of you and your team should be clear, close-up and offer great eye contact.

Secondly, your account name is a searchable field. By entering keywords in this space, it will be easier for ideal clients and customers to find you when they’re looking for something specific.

When writing your bio, be strategic and purposeful. This is a small, but mighty space. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention so clear information and some of your unique personality are incredibly helpful.

Lastly, by using the URL field to link to a landing page, you can better direct your audience to the right place. Consider this an outline with 3-5 links that point your audience to the right destination based on where they need to go next in their customer journey with you. A great option for this is Link.tree.

Anytime you make it easy for your customers and leads to engage, and show that you’ve taken their needs into consideration you will stand out from others. Standing out one way you’ll ultimately convert more customers.

Leverage Your Influence With Customers by Using Highlights

There is so much potential with the use of highlights, and many businesses aren’t using them well, or at all. Highlights are the next level of your account where you have the chance to stand out, better connect with your clients, and ultimately work toward impacting those who are showing interest in your business.

Recent research has shown that highlights hold the same importance on Instagram as the pages on your website.

Highlights should be high level and concise without feeling overwhelming or hard for your audience to make sense of. They should be valuable, relevant and current. There is some routine maintenance needed for your highlights in order to keep them working effectively with your marketing strategy.

Think of yourself as the visionary who knows what really matters, and what doesn’t, when it comes time to prioritize this prime real estate space.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement

There are lots of offers for how you can strike a quick win for your Instagram numbers. You cannot expect positive long-term results from methods not expecting time or authentic effort.

Unlike traditional advertising, the more you nurture and care for your social media strategy, and audience, the greater it thrives. On social media it is less about talking at your audience and more aligned for talking with them.

The best way to do this genuinely is to think about how you treat your customers in person. You acknowledge their presence, appreciate their support, and stay tuned in to what it is they’re looking for or responding well to.

Social media is unique in it’s desire to create community, relationships and opportunities for connectedness. Anytime you have the chance to partner with another business to create a great collaboration, go for it. The priority should be on making sure your audiences align and that the collaboration offers quality value to both audiences.

In summary, engagement should always come from a place of integrity, service and alignment.

Make an Impression With Posts That Wow

One option is to post multiple images using the carousel post feature on Instagram. In this case, Instagram auto-advances the image each time a user scrolls by the post. One image might not catch someone’s attention, but the next might. When someone scrolls through the images it signals to Instagram that the content is valuable. Valuable content is always positive with the algorithm.

Adding video posts in your feed is another way to distinguish your account content. You’ve probably seen boomerangs or short video clips before. Carousel and video posts continually outperform single image posts.

Anytime you create content that is saveable or shareworthy you will hit a larger overall reach. It’s not possible with every post, but worth keeping in mind.

Don’t forget that photos of “your people” are extremely valuable. They work tremendously well at attracting, connecting, and converting more of the people you love to serve. This includes you, your staff or team members, and yes, even photos of your own customers.

Be an Industry Leader Who Converts With an Opt-in Incentive

Opt-in incentives and lead magnets are far more common-practice for online service providers than those who conduct offline business. What this means is that you can get ahead, and take the lead by offering one to your audience. If you aren’t currently using an email provider, I recommend Flodesk.

Lead magnets build trust, lead your customer to the next level, and help them identify as someone who needs what you’re offering. Depending on your business model consider a special coupon or helpful resource for your ideal customers.

The most important part is that this free offer needs to align with attracting more of your ideal customers. You become more efficient and produce stronger outcomes more quickly, more easily, without requiring harder effort when you create foundations and frameworks within your business that attract your ideal customer.

Ideal customers are those you enjoy working with. They value what you offer, are happy to spend, return for more, and gladly refer your business to others. They love telling others why they choose your business and why they think others should too.

Spend less time online while creating results every day that actually help your business succeed and grow.

Doing all the things on social media won’t make any difference if you’re not using the essential principles behind Instagram Marketing.

If you want to attract more customers you’re genuinely happy to serve, feel confident on the ‘gram, and lose the overwhelm you never wanted to begin with… this workshop is for you.


–> Are trying to carve out time each week to post on Instagram but aren’t able to explain the specific outcomes that Instagram offers your business.
-> Feel like trying to keep up is too much, mixed with a splash of doubt and comparison.
–> You believe in the opportunity and importance of marketing, even if nothing seems to be sticking at the moment.
 –> You’ve reached a point where working harder or faster isn’t an acceptable answer. You need different action steps that produce smarter, bigger profit solutions.
 –> Already have a business that is known for serving your customers and clients well.
 –> Prioritize time away from work more than the need to constantly create the latest video trends.

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