3 Ways You Could (& Can) Be Booking More Business

I was chatting with a business mentor the other day for a podcast episode I was a guest on when I said something to the effect of “You can only work faster in your business for so long. So you’ve got to be working smarter.” Booking more business doesn’t have to come “from scratch” ideas every time. Here are 3 ways you could be working smarter to book more business:

Book more business by sharing user-generated content.

User generated content is anything created by your customers, clients, fans, and followers in regards to your business or services. Word of mouth referrals are reported as the most trusted form of marketing so by letting your audience share their favor and trust in your brand, others are more likely to do the same.

Authenticity and personalization are more important to consumers than ever before. They want to see more “realness” and less over-curation and advertisement. What this means is they want to know the the people behind the business are worth their investment and feel that their purchase makes an impact. Showing how others are engaging with your business allows others in your audience to desire the same type of relationship with your business.

Incorporating user generated content into your marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Customer testimonials and reviews are great to share on your website, portfolio, and social media. You can also share user generated content in your Instagram feed, stories and to places like your email list.

Sharing on social media helps book more business too.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Twitter are no longer just for the big names, companies, and influencers when it comes to growing a business. Platforms like Instagram are major contributors to small business success. If you were to ask me, I would say social media marketing is now a cost of doing business in 2021. Consumers expect to find some kind of online, branded presence when they search for a local business.

Using social media allows you to market effectively with a low, or no, marketing budget. The barrier to entry for marketing your business successfully has never been so accessible. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the idea of something new, or cautious that the platforms are oversaturated, look to the benefits of staying more strongly connected to your own community. By doing so, you’ll see higher returns on attracting, connecting, converting, retaining and receiving referrals from your ideal customers and clients.

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A great website makes booking more business easy.

I mean, you had to see this one coming, right?! Your website is literally like an employee that works 24/7 promoting your business, answering questions, and moving potential clients toward an inquiry or booking. You cannot work around the clock. But your website can. And it should. Unfortunately, not all websites are designed equally and yours needs to be one that is captivating and strategic. It’s true. Attention spans are short in the online space and viewers want immediate gratification for their searching efforts. That means your website needs to be designed and laid out in specific ways that keep your leads’ attention longer and prompt ideal customers to reach out quicker.

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